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iQuiz is a revolutionary way for learning to be brought forward to the future.

Quiz Maker

Get your students to be hooked on learning by creating your own dynamic quizzes to simulate gamification in learning.

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Resource Portal

A universe of teaching and learning resources created by actual professional teachers shared for free.

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Learning Mgmt System

Build your own eLearning courses in the universe of eSchools already online in the iQuiz portal.

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  • Fitrah P6 Textbook

    Omar Mariam Vol. 1 Book 1

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Membership Roles

There are lots and lots of features in iQuiz. It can be overwhelming if you dive straight into the deep end of the pool. As such, we advice you to explore them all stage by stage.

  • Upgrade to a higher role gradually
  • Specific features are made available for different roles
  • Master each role and features before upgrading to a higher one
  • Instant upgrading of roles upon request authentication
  • Full-fledged LMS functionality for free


iQuiz is rich with features that will transform you into a Smart Teacher, instantly.

Simply mix and match existing lessons and quizzes into your own customized course. There is a universe of built-in images in the image gallery for you to create colorful educational resources. Enrol your students and track their progress, before allowing them to print their own certificates.

Have fun with learning.

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You can iQuiz in different unique and customized ways.

WordPress Plug-in

Coming soon, you will be able to embed iQuiz objects (quiz, lessons, courses) in your WordPress pages.

Campus Portal

Let your students interface with your own customized Campus front-end for your iQuiz courses.

Mobile Apps

Mobile learning is the future. Export iQuiz courses to mobile iOS and android apps. No coding required.

iQuiz Portal and Apps

Your courses can easily be exported into customized Campus portals and Apps.
No coding required.