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Frequently Asked Questions

What is iQuiz?
iQuiz is a one stop educational portal that any professional educator needs. iQuiz gamification features make learning addictive. Students learn through playing the fun quizzes. Thousands of educational quizzes and lessons developed by professional educators already online for free.

What are the features of iQuiz?
For a start, iQuiz allows anyone to start playing any of the online quizzes and view the online lessons for free, without the need to register. For teachers who want specific quizzes, you can easily build these quizzes online. The more adventurous can mix and match lessons and quizzes into structured courses. Upon enrolling students, you can track the progress and scores of your students. In short, your very own learning management system. All for free.

Who has benefitted from iQuiz?
There are already structured lessons, quizzes and courses online in the iQuiz portal. Students have benefited as part of preparing themselves for enrolment into Primary 1. Teachers find relief from the many quizzes and lessons online. Anyone! Teachers, parents, tutors, educators… etc. iQuiz is for everyone.
Can I play the quiz without sign up/login?
YES! iQuiz is open and free for all. You can immediately attempt any quiz and watch any lessons without signing up. Learning and having fun should be made simple.

Why do I need to sign up/login?
If you want to have your scores registered, we would require you to sign-up. Upon signing up, all the other rich features of iQuiz will be accessible to you. Don’t miss the fun, sign up now!

How do I login?
Click the green ‘Login’ button at the top of the main page, then key in your email and password. Or if you have not signed up, click

I registered but I don’t receive any verification email
Oops! It may be in your Spam or Junk folder of your email. But if it’s not there, email us at

Why can’t I login?
You may have keyed in a wrong username or password. Ensure your username and password is correct. Sometimes, this may be due to browser incompatibility. Kindly use the latest Chrome browser to access iQuiz. If you still face problems, contact us at

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve my password?
No worries. Click the ‘Forgot Password’ and it will guide you through the process of registering a new password.
What different membership types are there?
If you have not registered, you are our guests. Nevertheless, you can have access to the quizzes and lessons. However, if you wish to have your scores recorded, please register, you are automatically assigned a player status. To start building quizzes, we will need you to upgrade yourself to a builder. Further upgrade yourself to a manager to start managing courses and groups.

How do I upgrade my role from Player to Builder?
One you have logged in, click ‘upgrade’ found at the top of the page, near to your account name. You will need to verify this ‘upgrade’ via an email verification sent to you.

What's the difference between a manager and a supervisor?
Both Managers and Supervisors can build quiz, upload lessons, add courses as well as manage groups. However, we have accorded additional superpower to Supervisors. Supervisors have the ability to create new members themselves. We find this useful for teachers of kindergarten students who may be dealing with students who may not have their own email and not able to register directly.

How can I be a supervisor?
All upgrades are automatically approved. However, only the iQuiz Administrator can approve a member to be a Supervisor. We want to be sure who we give our superpowers to. Email your request to us at

Why is there no upgrade feature on my account?
If your account is created by your teacher who has been granted the Supervisor role, you are not able to upgrade to other types of memberships.

What is the difference between quiz, lesson and course ?
A Quiz is a question or a set of questions created for students to solve. There are 15 question types to choose from to create dynamic and fun quizzes. A Lesson allows you to link videos, slides or documents for your students to learn a particular subject. A Course allows educators to arrange Quizzes and Lessons into a structured learning package.

How do I create a quiz?
Please make sure you have upgraded yourself to a Builder. At the iQuiz portal, go to My Account> Manage Quizzes> Add New Quiz> (Fill in the form)> Manage Questions> Add New Question by choosing any of the 15 types of questions.

How do I edit the title of the quiz?
The quiz can only be edited by the quiz creator. If you are the quiz creator, go to My Account > Manage Quizzes > click the title that you wish to edit under Quiz Name

Can I edit the quiz I have previously created?
Yes, you can edit the quiz you have previously created. Remember to click Compile Quiz once you have done editing for the changes to take effect.

How do I create a lesson?
Please make sure you have upgraded yourself to a Builder. At the iQuiz portal, go to My Account> Manage Lessons> Add New Lesson

What type of lesson format do the system support?
The system only support YouTube links, PDF, SWF and HTML5 files. There are many convertors that support powerpoint and other files into HTML5. We suggest you use these converters to make them compatible with iQuiz.

Do I have to pay to create a quiz, a course or a lesson?
No, iQuiz is a completely FREE service. Start creating your quiz and share with your students now!

Can I create quizzes in other than the English language?
Yes. The portal is compatible with all languages, including the right-to-left language such as Arabic. You can already find many Arabic quizzes online in the iQuiz portal.
What is the purpose of courses?
Course allows educators to manage both lessons and quizzes to a structured learning package. This is to facilitate an effective online learning experience for students and teachers.

How do I add lesson and quiz in a course?
First, please make sure you have upgraded yourself to a Builder. At the iQuiz portal, go to My Account> Manage Courses> Add New Course> Fill in the form> Click on the small arrow button on the green ‘Manage’ button> Choose Lessons and Quizzes
To add Lesson, go to Add New Lesson in Course > look for the lesson you wish to add and click Add This. Once you have done adding the lessons, click Done Adding. Wait for awhile for the system to add the lessons.

Can I use other people's quiz for my courses?
Yes, you can choose any lessons or quizzes that other users have shared and made available on the portal. While each quiz and lesson can be made private, most of our users subscribe to our value of sharing resources for free.

How can I make sure I only have my friends in my courses?
Members will need to enrol into courses before they can have access to your course. By default, each course is set to be auto-approved. You can change this setting to manual, thus giving you the owner of the course to approve members whom you would give access to the course.

I can’t find/click the ‘Enrol this course’ option?
It may be due to browser compatibility issue. As some features may not be compatible with other browsers, kindly ensure that you use the lastest Chrome browser to access iQuiz portal.

What is the function of the Groups?
This feature allows educator to manage his own group of students.

How do I add my students in a Group?
Go to My Account > Manage Groups > Create New Group. You will now see your group that you have just created. To add your student in your group, click Manage Members > add your student below the Invite New Members > click Invite Members

How do I assign quiz to my student?
Go to My Account > Manage Groups > Quizzes > Tick Show un-Assigned Quizzes > [Subject/ Quiz name] > Assign

I don’t see any notifications/assignments on my dashboard.
Go to My Account > My Groups > View Group Page.

Can I check the results of quizzes I assigned to my student?
Yes, you can. Go to My Account > Manage Groups > Quizzes > Results

What is the Certificate for?
The certificate is to recognize your students’ attempt at the quizzes and assessments, and acknowledge their achievement.

How do I create a certificate for my course?
Go to My Account > Manage Certificates > Add New Certificate.
Once you have submitted the form, you will see the certificate you have just created. Click Manage> Courses> Add New Courses into Certificate > Add the course you wish to > Click Done Adding

Can I create a certificate for quizzes I built?
Certificates are linked to courses, either a course or a few courses. You will need to structure your quizzes into a course before you can assign them to a certificate to be printed.

How do I print the certificate?
Go to View All Certificates > Print this Certificate

What is the public gallery for ?
We understand that colourful pictures are important to create something exciting and engaging. As such, we have developed a gallery of images for you to use freely in your quizzes. Have fun.

What if I want to use my own images?
We understand we may not have everything that you need. As such, you can upload your images in your own private gallery provided for by iQuiz. Go to My Account > Private Gallery > Under the ‘Image Gallery’, click the ‘+’ icon. You may want to create folders first before you upload images to keep it organised.

Can I share my gallery with others?
No. The private gallery is only accessible to you.

How do I let other teachers access my gallery?
If you don’t mind sharing the images with others, email us the images and we will upload it at the public gallery.

Can I rename the images on the gallery?
You can only rename the images on your private gallery. Mouse over on the title of the image you wish to rename and click the pen icon. However, please note that you will have to change quizzes that have earlier referenced that image.

I’m a teacher. Can I use iQuiz in class ?
Our own experience tells us that when iQuiz quizzes are used with a Smart Board, student engagement in learning become phenomenal. iQuiz has been used as an eLearning solution and also in blended learning strategies.

Can I track my students/children’s scores ?
First, make sure that you have upgraded yourself to a Manager. As a manager, you can create groups. Consolidate your student accounts into groups. Youcan then track the progress and scores of your respective students through that group. You can also assign quizzes and courses to your group.

Is there an eLearning solutions for Arabic ?
There are lessons and quizzes for Arabic subject in the portal. In addition that, Madrasah Irsyad Zuhri Al-Islamiah has developed a structured early Arabic reading program called “Omar and Mariam”. The reading series comprises of three volumes of seven sets of eBooks and games online. It is also available for free at

Are there other similar eLearning solutions ?
You can find complete lessons and quizzes for Mathematics, Science, English, Malay and many other subjects at Many have been consolidated into courses and modules. They are all available for free.

How are the scores calculated ?
The maximum score for a question is 10 points. If there are 10 questions, the total score should be 100. However, there is a timing element in the scoring. The maximum score will be reduced by 1 point for every 3 seconds lapsed. Thus, the faster you answer, the higher your scores.

Can I improve my scores ?
Certainly YES. We would like to encourage you to make as many attempts to the quizzes to improve your scores. High scores are recorded for the universe to acknowledge.

How do I check my scores ?
While playing the quiz, the total score for that quiz is on the top left of the screen. If you’re doing a course, the total score of the whole course is on the bottom left of the screen.

The countdown timer is too fast ?
There is default 3 seconds before the score is reduced by 1. Owner of quizzes can change this default to a higher number. However, as iQuiz attempts to create a gamification context, the element of timing is part of the excitement in attempting the quizzes.

If the student attempts the quiz more than one time, will it affect the score?
The best part about iQuiz is that, you can attempt any quiz assigned to you as many times as you like. Only your best score will be recorded.

I have completed one quiz, and my score is 106/50. Is the score set by teachers?
The score is set by quiz creator. You may want to check with your teacher or email us at .

Why can’t I get a full score despite answering all questions right ?
If you get the answer right within 3 seconds, you earn your full 10 points. If you get your answer right within 6 seconds, you will earn 9 points. And so on. However, at any point when you answer wrong, 3 points will be deducted from that maximum score.

Does iQuiz work on PC only?
iQuiz is best viewed in PCs and laptops. The portal works on both Windows and Mac.

How do I access iQuiz via the iPad?
As iPad does not support flash, you will not be able to access iQuiz features via the iPad’s safari browser. Instead, you will have to download the iQuiz apps from the Apple appstore to play it on the iPad. Alternative, you can access iQuiz in iPad through the Puffin Academy apps.

What browser works best with iQuiz?
Chrome is the best for the portal. Some features may not be compatible with other browsers.

I’ve clicked “Play Lesson” / “Attempt Quiz” but it’s not coming out.
Our videos and quizzes require Flash. You may need to download Flash to be able to watch our videos and attempt the quizzes. And just in case, do check your internet connection as well.

I don’t know how to go back to the previous page. What should I do?
Click the ‘Back’ button of your browser or the ‘Home’ icon of the portal. Click that and you will be brought to the previous page. The previous page usually goes back to the main page.

What if I don’t have internet?
Alternatively, you can play the quizzes via the iQuiz apps, available from the App Store. Download the apps for free. Then download individual quizzes from iQuiz into the apps. After that, you can play the quizzes offline without the need for internet connection.

Who developed iQuiz?
Madrasah Irsyad Zuhri Al-Islamiah developed and is managing the iQuiz portal. It was initially developed as a quiz making and a sharing portal for the madrasah to share resources among its own teachers. However, it was found useful to be shared with the larger universe.

What eLearning software is used?
The iQuiz engine is specially designed and coded from raw codes. It does not use any third party learning solutions. There’s no other portal out there in the universe that’s like iQuiz.

I want to help. What can I do?
You can make a donation here at
Alternatively, please give us feedback on how to improve the iQuiz portal further.