Players make better Learners

Manage your iQuiz Universe

Play! Build! Manage! Yes, have unlimited hours of fun solving quizzes after quizzes.

Create your very own quizzes and share with the Universe. Manage your lessons and quizzes into a structured learning package. It’s your universe. You decide.

The best part of it all is…. iQuiz is a completely FREE service! Play Now!


iQuiz is a revolutionary way for learning to be brought forward to the future.


Try out the universe of quizzes online. Or build a universe more yourselves. 15 quiz types to choose from.


A library of clipart is available to make your quizzes interesting. Or instead, create your own personalized gallery for your quizzes.


Browse through the universe of lessons available online. Link your own videos, slides or documents and you’ll be creating a learning universe.


Arrange your Lessons and Quizzes into a structured learning package. Create your very own eLearning Universe.


Link a few courses into a certificate program. Upload your own certificate for students to print their report card themselves.


Enrol your own students or group subscribers into a class. Assign quizzes and courses to your groups. Take control of their learning.


Attempt quizzes over and over again to improve your scores. Improved scores reflect knowledge learnt. Learn… as you play.


Track the progress of your students. Monitor their attempts and scores. No more marking of test scripts.


Take control of the learning of your students. Assign them quizzes and courses. No worries, no additional marking chores for you for any assignments tasked.


Yes, an actual Universe of educational resources. Quizzes, videos and more. Use them in your classrooms. Designed for the interactive Boards.


Download the Quizzes into the iQuiz iPad apps. Now you’re empowered to create your very own iPad games, that are both fun and educational.


Expand your curriculum hours with blended learning. Assign lessons or quizzes to your students as homework. It'll make your classroom sessions many times productive.


Free eLearning courses all ready for your students. For the creative, you can create your very own eLearning package, with your own resources, or using those already available online.


Contact the administrator if you're keen to have your own customized front-end portal for your eLearning package, just like


We know learning anytime anywhere is the buzzword. As such, you can have your eLearning courses all packaged up in an apps. Search for eZuhri in the appstore. You can have your own just like it.