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kosa kata cita-cita remaja

Ayat Mudah KVK

Ayat Mudah

Suku Kata 5

Suku Kata 4

Suku Kata 3

Suku Kata 2

Kesedaran Abjad 3

Kesedaran Abjad 2

Suku Kata 1

Kesedaran Abjad 1

Na'at Man'ut



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khmerG5 09 07 2020

BISM K1 Surah Al Adiyat

BISM N1 Arabic alphabets

BISM K2 Quran Surah Al Layl

BISM N2 Dhivehi Letter Haa

BISM K1 Islam Saafthaahiruvun

BISM N1 Lets Count

BISM N1 S and A

BISM N2 Letter P

BISM K2 Packing for vacation

BISM N2 Surah Al-Quraish

BISM K1 IT word family

BISM N1 Quran Alif to Khaa

BISM K1 Story Lily and Pink Ball

BISM K1 Hajj

BISM N2 Dhivehi Story Ramazan

BISM K2 Al Asr

BISM K1 Literacy UG word family

BISM K1 Surah Al Qariah

BISM K2 Surah Al Layl

BISM N2 letter T

BISM K2 Keumuge Adhabuthah

BISM N1 Dhivehi Akuru

BISM K2 Sea creatures

BISM N2 Quran Al Asr

BISM N1 Quran Al Ikhlas

BISM N2 Dhivehi Numbers

BISM K1 Dhivehi Colours

BISM N2 Quran Al Humazah

BISM N2 Literacy sound A

BISM K1 Literacy et words

BISM K1 Islam Roadha

BISM K1 Quran At Thakathur


BISM K2 Insects

BISM K2 Quran Al Layl

BISM N1 Letter U

BISM K1 Zakat

BISM K1 Backward Counting

BISM K2 Islam Eid

BISM N2 Dhivehi Colours

BISM N2 S sound

BISM N1 Fruits

BISM K2 Zoo Animals

BISM K1 Literacy AT sound

BISM N1 Letter O

All About Weather

Types of Weather




Water Pollution

Soil Pollution


Volcano Eruption


Life of a Butterfly

Parts of a Plant

Care For Animals

Be Kind To Animals

Clean and Green Neighborhood


Saving The Earth

All About Water

Save Water

Save Electricity

Helping the Environment


Re-Use, Reduce, Re-Cycle

Patterns Everywhere

Patterns in our World


Test Your Senses

Keep Healthy

Personal Hygiene

Brushing Teeth

Washing Hands

Put Your Toys Away

Use Polite Words

Racial Harmony

Respecting Elders

Family Values

Showing 1 to 100 of 6037 entries