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P3 Classifying Things

2. Hijrah to Madinah

P5 Electrical Circuits

10. Battle of Badr

P5 The Unit of Life

P4 Heat and Temperature

P5 The Circulatory System

P3 Fungi and Bacteria

P4 Plants and Their Parts

7. Ammar (Sirah)

P3 Living and Non-living Things

P3 Plants

P5 From Parents to Young

P3 Characteristics of Animals

P4 Your Amazing Body

P5 Plant Transport System

9. The Year Of Grief

1. Abu Bakar (ra)

P4 Light and Shadow

3. The Building of a Mosque

4. Ali (ra)

3. Uthman (ra)

P4 Matter

8. Enlivening the Mosque

9. Helping One Another

8. Bilal (Sirah)

2. Umar (ra)

6. Abu Ubaydah (ra)

Pre: Shari'ah - Arkanul Islam

3. Being Grateful

5. Bilal (ra)

P4 The Digestive System


4. Azan, the Call to Prayer

2. Solah

1. Saving Money

3. The Early Supporters

1. Attempt to kill the Prophet

10. The Farewell Pilgrimage

3. Pledging Allegiance (Bay-ah)

Omar Mariam Vol. 1 Book 1

1. Shahadah

4. Sawm

5. Hajj

7. Don't be greedy!

10. Visiting The Sick

1. Pre-Islamic Period

2. Revelation

4. The Secret Call To Islam

6. The Persecution

sirah islam


P3 Exploring Materials

P5 Reproduction in Plants

P6 Forces

English for children - Year 1

Shari'ah: Daily Duties

1. Battle of Uhud

English Language Reading Aloud

G3 Fihq_Rukun Wudhuk_PDF

3. Zakah

4. Cherish Teachers

5. Respect the Elderly

10. Zubayr (ra)

1. Surah Al-Fatihah

11. Surah Al-Fiil






Arabic feminine and masculine nouns

Titrasi Asam Basa

P5 Reproduction in Humans

P6 Forms of Energy

P6 Sources of Energy

P6 Type of Forces

Fml English 2

FML Lesson

FML lesson

English FML

How do plants grow ?

Equivalent Fractions

7. Challenges of the Muhajirun

8. Permission to Fight

Fitrah Arabic


1. Sumaya

7. Fatimah

Primary Bahasa Malaysia


Shari'ah: 2. Wudhu'

Stories in the Qur'an: 1. The boy and t...

Stories in the Qur'an: 2. Mashitah

Stories in the Qur'an: 6. Balqis

6. Adab when Visiting

8. Adab in Public Transport

9. Adab with Neighbours

4. Treaty of al-Hudaybiyyah

Showing 1 to 100 of 4206 entries